Welcome to the Time-traveling grimoire of a Viking skald lost in a terrible century.

Photo by Benton Wang

The logbook, a blogbook

A Normal Blog

If you haven’t notice, I like long sentences; I like clauses that hurt the brain to make sense of, so get over it, or quit reading, cause I cannot help myself but to write and write and write until my fingertips are sore from pecking like a chicken on a farmyard green, because I never learned to type right.

Play, Not Perfection

My friend Carolyn always has great insights to impart. here is one: Carolyn Stein Whenever possible, I write with friends. It keeps me focused on writing and sharing the work makes it more fun. Also we help each other brainstorm. Yesterday and the day before I had trouble concentrating through a headache and backache. No… Continue reading Play, Not Perfection

“I write to allow all of you to see the wonders which continually relate themselves through telekinetic portals from dimensions unsounded.”  – Kaptain Marius Viciorious

“Mustache Baby and Mounts” Photo by Konrad Bennett Hughes

Unbounded by time and space, Kaptain Viciorious’ Grimoire is first in interdimensional travel, dead last in customer service.

“Read on fellow travelers, read on.” – Spaced Explorer

KVG: First in interdimensional travel. Dead last in customer service.

– Ront Tobash, Captain of the Half-Blood Condottieri Mercenary Co.

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