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Play, Not Perfection

My friend Carolyn always has great insights to impart. here is one:

Carolyn Stein

Whenever possible, I write with friends. It keeps me focused on writing and sharing the work makes it more fun. Also we help each other brainstorm.

Yesterday and the day before I had trouble concentrating through a headache and backache. No matter what I did I couldn’t focus hard enough to work on an edda. I couldn’t even finish my chapters for Peak Love, my time travel romance. But inexplicably I was able to work on a silly new project that I am calling “Tea in Space,” which may end up being my next SF novel. Or it may not. I’m just amusing myself with it.

I encountered the same problem with art. I want to work on the medallions for the Thule collection, but I can’t concentrate well enough to use Illustrator. However, I was able to experiment with challenging problems I face in Daz 3D: how to…

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By Kaptain Viciorious Grimoire

A Timetraveling Space Pirate Extraordinaire who writes about 9th century Vikings and Varangians, fantastical worlds with floating cities, and 19th-20th century horror based in Memphis Tennessee, I am.

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