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Battles met upon the Sea

The sea’s foam roars

above the din of Battle.

Cresting high into the Blackened sky,

the waves toss our tiny vessels.

Crashing into one another

Again and again,

As the men die

Falling one after another

into the stormy sea.

My Blade-arm aches

from constant hacking.

My eyes well up

with unwanted tears,

as the smoke and Ash

Fall from a Blackened sky.

A furry of flaming projectiles

And bloody massacre surround.

The hull is breached,

water rushes in.

Soon we will feel the sea’s

True Eternal Embrace.

Soon we shall feel her arms

Engulfing our sunken souls.

Soon, but not before

One last attempt to live,

Not before our courage fails,

For we board the enemy decks;

We push their marines from the rail.

Jeribdus strikes to either side,

cutting his foes down

with each profound stride.

How could we now fail

with such courage nearby?

I see the blow coming.

I cry before it falls.

But my voice is unheard,

drowned by the din of battle,

and the resounding crashes

of the wrathful waves.


By Kaptain Viciorious Grimoire

A Timetraveling Space Pirate Extraordinaire who writes about 9th century Vikings and Varangians, fantastical worlds with floating cities, and 19th-20th century horror based in Memphis Tennessee, I am.

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